LGBT Door County Attracts YOUNG Demographic

We have been examining who you are and who visits our pages and social media. Do you know what we found out? You are young and positive and looking to build community. Many of you are millennials. Some of you are Gen-X and almost all of you are way younger than any advertising program Door County has ever seen. We do this by not advertising in Door County as much as we spend lots of time cultivating our community throughout the state and in drivable distances to Door County. Most of you come from eastern Wisconsin. The majority from Milwaukee and Madison along with their suburbs but some of you stretch out to LaCrosse and Black River Falls. Welcome. We love hearing from you. 33% of you are 25 to 34 years old. 30% of you are 35 to 44. This is great news for people who want to become more involved in LGBT Door County. Even 20% of you are 45 to 54. Thank you for joining us. We love the messages you send us. Thank you for supporting our clients and getting involved. Watch for the winter events to be announced. And see you soon. Peace and cherry kisses, Barb and Denise


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