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What are people saying about Denise Cawley and LGBT Door County’s training?

“Keep doing great things, you are educating the masses.”

“Thank you for the knowledge and techniques for developing greater and more stable business opportunities with the at-large LGBT community. The importance of the former and the crucial linkage between the two cannot be overemphasized.”

“I can now see how difficult it is to fake who you are. I never really thought about hiding one’s sexuality in quite that way as it was presented in our training, and I can see how it applies across a spectrum of all people who don’t feel like they will be accepted for who they are.”

“I just can’t say enough what a wonderful venture this is. Congratulations, and please let me know of ways that I could become involved.”

“Denise, you are such a gift. Thank you.”


Download our Rate Sheet
(Rates good through December 31, 2015)



On May 12, Door County Brewing Co. hosted our first Equality event. A good time was had by all!

Why do we need inclusion training? We treat everyone the same?

Lots and lots of places tell us they treat everyone the same. When you are LGBT you are used to going through life often pretending to fit into a larger culture. Often you are unsure if you are in a safe place where you will be treated with fairness. In our first inclusion training class everyone in there felt they did treat everyone well but all learned that they had not taken any of the steps to illustrate how to be truly INCLUSIVE. Our inclusion trainings offer everyone the opportunity to ask questions about public restrooms, inclusive forms on websites, equality minded mission statements and EOE.

Even people who are members of the LGBT community leave our courses telling us they learned a great deal. These courses offer people ways to learn about outreach to women, communities of color, equality minded tourists and all the intersections of the LGBT community. Plus, those that take the courses are then included in our marketing programs to up to 200,000 equality minded tourists around the state.

Would you like to learn more? Our approach is unlike any other. We are being asked to present to larger tourism bodies. Denise Cawley has worked in with the LGBT population with a special focus on building allies in her marketing work for 20 years. She and Barbara Luhring our founders approach this program with an educational and marketing background. Try what we have to offer.


Is there a fee to become a part of this program?

Our leisure travel services are FREE to the public to access lists of our members.

For businesses and organizations to become members and received training and advertising we offer various levels of involvement. This is social enterprise and gateway marketing. You cannot get in unless you enter the gateway= training. For our clients that sign up for our marketing packages, training is free. How many staff you are able to bring depends upon the volume of marketing you want to do. If you want a smaller ad on a group page, it’s less money. If you want your own page with greater reach, you can train more staff.

Each season we offer training and courses are varied. We also offer parties where clients are featured. Then clients become part of the website and social media! We advertise to equality-minded tourists outside of the demographic that Door County typically attracts. Our clients are NOT all LGBT. They are all interested in equality as over 60% of Americans indicate they want to see all people treated with fairness. Our approach is based on data.

Our aim is to grow the local economy, build allies and create a community of equality minded travelers. We offer monthly subscription programs. Only one person has opted to take our training a la carte and immediately wanted in to the whole program immediately after taking the course.

Participants receive quarterly reports on how well we are doing with online advertising.


Access Equality Minded Tourists.
Increase Loyalty.
Develop Community.

Equality tourism is a way to unite people who believe in fairness whether they are interested in taking a vacation, supporting a business that cares about all kinds of equality including LGBT or connecting Door County organizations with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender tourists.



Rather than simply offering an advertising mechanism, we offer communities a way to build relationships with allies. This program features businesses that have gone through inclusion training with Denise Cawley. This gateway marketing program developed by Denise Cawley of Circore Creative and Barbara Luhring of 3W Media in 2014.


Download our Rate Sheet
(Rates good through December 31, 2015)


The total buying power of the adult U.S. lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender population is projected at $790 billion
(2012 est., Source: Witeck Communications and

LGBT Door County

“Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Americans earn more, save more, and have less debt….”
Ellis, B. Gay people earn more, owe less. CNN Money, Dec. 6, 2012

LGBT Door County

LGBT Americans’ annual income is estimated to be 23% higher than the national median income.
Business Insider, June 23, 2013

LGBT Door County

Wisconsin’s growth rate of same-sex-couple households outpaced the national average of 51.8% between 2000-2010.
U.S. Census Bureau.Map 2a. Percent Growth in All Same-Sex Couple Households: Census 2000-2010

LGBT Door County

66% of LGBT Adults would likely remain loyal to a brand they felt was LGBT- friendly over a less costly, less friendly brand.
Harris Interactive & Witeck Communications. 2011