Coloring Equality

We at LGBT Door County use our resources to bring in artists from time to time. Whether we feature LGBT artists on our blog, or bring them in for an event, we like to introduce equality through the arts. If you know of a great LGBT artist we should know about please contact us. We might be able to write about them or feature them in our promotions. Many of you have attended concerts or parties where we featured various artists. We love the intersection of arts, culture, diversity, and equality. One artist you all have asked for again and again is Lex Allen. We made a coloring page for him. Please color it, and share it with us. We would love to show what other’s do with our coloring pages. This custom made coloring page is something Barbara Luhring, one of our founders does as part of our LGBT Door County services some clients hire us to do. We have had people purchase them to feature their business or as part of a strategic planning session or training. We have used them in facilitating trainings we do too. If you are interested in learning more about training, coloring pages, graphic recording, facilitation or training, please contact us. And download this coloring page, color it, tag us on Facebook and we will share your creativity.


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