Equality Inclusive Non-Discrimination Language

Folks who are looking to visit, vacation, move to, open a business or work in Door County want to be treated well. When you are a member of a minority class, or someone who wants to support equality minded communities you are looking for some key words to be included on websites of those you support. You are looking for policies, missions, training achieved, or memberships indicating inclusive environments.

One place people look for this kind of inclusiveness is in an employer’s non-discrimination policy, or equal employment opportunity policy. These examples give a meter of fairness for supporting, or being employed at a given company. ‘What is the culture like people wonder?’ We at LGBT Door County are asked questions like this about the Door County area. It is a topic we talk a lot about in our trainings. Not only do policies like this cover conditions of employment including who they will hire, give promotions and how the company treats their clients. Employers should include “gender identity or expression” (or “gender identity”) and “sexual orientation” as protected classes, in addition to other federally-protected classes, in non-discrimination policies such as sex, race, disability and more. To learn more, we can speak to your human resources staff. Contact us


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