Global LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) annual spending power (LGBT-GDP) estimated to be US$3.7 trillion!

Global LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) annual spending power (LGBT-GDP) estimated to be US$3.7 trillion in new data from LGBT Capital. US$3.7 trillion is an unfathomable number. Just think what that amount is when you add in the allies: friends and family of all the folks who support LGBTQI folks. The power of our community is astonishing. Think about this:

Paul Thompson, LGBT Capital’s Founder said ‘We believe these numbers to be extremely important in demonstrating the value offered to both Countries and Companies by the LGBT consumer segment. The estimated population of the LGBT community worldwide is higher than the total population of the United States and the estimated LGBT-GDP nearly equals the GDP of Germany!’

We started LGBT Door County to help pull visitors from from Wisconsin and neighboring states up to Door County and we provide inclusion training to assist in making their tourism experiences positive. Our trainings help people who are often accepting already, become well versed in the needs of the LGBTQI community. We also want people to discover the rich resources Door County can provide. This is developed out of a deep caring for the LGBT community. To that end, we have clients who are trained in equality and inclusion who provide services to better the LGBT community. caseyCasey St. Henry is one of those, providing financial investment services through Thrivent Financial. Casey has taken several inclusion courses with LGBT Door County, and services several states as a . He can give you advice via Skype, phone or in person. Casey has a large travel area. Contact him today to make a better life for tomorrow.

LGBT Capital’s Paul Thompson is quoted about LGBT tourism too: ‘Not only does the LGBT consumer represent significant spending power but as is generally accepted, due to more frequent and longer travels, the sector punches well over its weight when it comes to tourism spend.”

Expand your advocacy, build wealth, and enjoy the sweeping loyalty of the LGBT community.


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