LGBT Door County Members Trained in Inclusion

“Every time we host an inclusion training we also host parties, and networking events for the community too.” says co-founder, Denise Cawley. ”

Slip into the Foxglove Inn

Folks who want to hear more should opt-in to our list! Our clients have attended at least a half day seminar – often sending multiple employees or board members to address equality, inclusion and best practices in their business. We go over statistics around issues that affect the LGBT, community and all the communities that population intersects. Those might include income level, health disparities, willingness to travel, allegiance to those who reach out and more. This makes working with these businesses that much more enjoyable.”

“People want to know what places welcome LGBT money and what to do. We offer insider tips,” says co-founder Barbara Luhring.

We are seeing people like Casey St. Henry sit down and have coffee with clients while they are on a fun weekend and help them iron out their financial life. Then people can contact Birchwood Lodge to help them plan their family reunion. Folks soak in the beautiful bathtubs at the Foxglove Inn and they might throw in a raku firing at Ellison Bay Pottery as an activity because our clients all support one another. It is really incredible working with one another. The guests love it because actives are customized. Sister Bay is here for them to play in and we get great recommendations from the tourism department there. It is a synergy that makes it easy for people to come up here and just have fun.

Lex soaks in the tub at Foxglove Inn

Lex soaks in the tub at Foxglove Inn

“If someone takes the time to learn about LGBT issues they will serve them better than someone who just wants LGBT dollars,” says Cawley.


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