Time to Soak in Door County

Taking care of ourselves is one of the most difficult things you can do. We find Door County extra relaxing for it’s proximity to water. Even when the water is cold in winter, it still soothes the soul. Plus, many of our equality minded inns have amazing soaking tubs. Whether you curl into the beautiful tubsĀ at the Foxglove Inn, slip into the large suites at the Hillside Inn

Slip into the Foxglove Inn

Birchwood Inn Suite

or watch the fire while taking a bath at the Birchwood Lodge, you can let your stress slip away. Admire Door County beautiful sunsets on the Green Bay side of Lake Michigan or sensational sunrises on the Eastern side of the peninsula. Don’t miss out on the peace and self care offered in Door County. Plus, if you decide to stay, our friends at the Sister Bay Advancement association can help you look at business opportunities with land they have for sale. Plus our equality realtor can show you properties. Don’t miss out. Soak in the magic of Door County.


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